Saturday, October 4, 2008

My Favorite Dip

So here is the dip I love to make.. I usually make a full batch and then save it.. reheat it.. and eat it again.. I make it into a weeks worth of meals.. (thats if I am eating it by myself.) if i am sharing.. it goes fast.


4 pkg. - 8oz Cream Cheese.
2 cans - Rotel tomato's.. - I like to get one hot and one mild
1 pkg - Jimmy Dean sausage - i get the mild.. or hot. .- i like things spicy..

First you brown the Jimmy dean sausage in a pan. (make sure it is all cooked.. uncooked sausage is BAD! very bad. ) while that is cooking i cut up the cream cheese in to little squares. ( it make it easier to melt.)

then i drain on can of rotel juice out. (leaving just the tomato's and chilies.) pour that in. and add the second can.

and let it sit

once the sausage is cooked. I try to drain some of the grease. but i leave a TAD in.

then i combine all it all together with the cream cheese. and STIR. until all the cream cheese hunks are melted.

then i open up my bag of chips and i taste test will i melt it..

Then once its cooked. i eat it straight out of the pot.. okay sometimes i use a bowl.

if you have extra.. put it in a tub-aware container. and heat it up in the microwave.



Megan said...

This dip is awesome! I'm glad I have the recipe now!

heather said...

mmmm tastes good! of course you had to say that... I can hear you saying it now..I can't stop laughing! This stuff is good though :-)